Electrical Distributors in Doha, Qatar for ABB, Schneider, Osram, Hager

We supply a wide variety of Electrical materials / Products and here are some of the brands that we sell and supply. We provide high quality material for longer life and durability. These are top class brands with some unique power and electrical material products, delivered and serviced for you at your doorstep. For Complete List of Services and Product availability, get in touch with us.

ABB products - MCCB, Relay, Isolator IP65, ELCB, RCCB

Here is the list of Most Selling Electrical Products in some of the Brands:

ABB Branded Products – MCCB, Relay, Isolator IP65, ELCB, RCCB

Legrand Branded Products – PVC Switches, CAT6 Cable, Floor Box, Extension Cord, 13A Top Plug

Hager Branded Products – DB, MCB, Lighting Timer, Modular Contacts, Panel Board

Schneider Electric Branded Products – Timer Relay, Contactor, Selector Switch, Motor Protection Breaker, SMDB

OSRAM Branded Products – CFL Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp 250W / 400W, LED Par Lamp, High Pressure Lamp 250W / 400W